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Fine Art  Sculptural  Mixed Media Mosaic

Inspired by the wild heart of nature, partnered with a passion for recycling and authentic expression.  Embracing the eternal pulse as ebb & flow

within our one wild heart of being. 

After my mum had passed away, I spent some gentle time

exploring mountains and walking shores in Barra.

Soul Tide was inspired by the fresh water spring lines

emerging through the Outer Hebridean sands. 

In these channels of sand, water and light

I saw many glistening angelic forms,

dancing their way to the ocean.

Soul Tide emerged from these experiences that supported me through my grief.  


I find the process of making mosaic during challenging times, deeply healing.

Created using moment by moment mosaic process, loose line design,

myriad material & authentic expression.

Sensing and exploring how each fragment vibrates and connects

with other fragments in a divine co-creation of life - beyond life...

A minimal mix of mid & light tone recycled/vintage china, vintage gold china, ceramic & glass beads and opaque stained glass.

The surround frame has a contemporary, low lustre, tonal gold finish.

Size: Height 45cm; Width 30cm; Depth 3cm.



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