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 Fine Art  Sculptural  Mixed Media Mosaic Vessel


Displaying enchanted midnight moments


Embracing starry skies, sacred blooms & spirals of absolute, Angelic light.


Created using a vibrant mix of vintage china, various shells, freshwater pearls, vintage teacup handles, vintage antique gold brooches, tiny antique glass beads, crystal beads, ceramic beads, fine gauge wire,

heavy bodied acrylic paint/stain, gold leaf.

The grout has been stained with a mix of deep indigo pigments which complement, ground & magnetize the overall effect.

The inside of the vessel is paint stained with several hues of deep, indigo tones.

This deep healing vessel contains a large Spirit Quartz at her base...

For ornamental purpose only.

Created using freestyle, moment by moment mosaic process,

exploring loose line design,

myriad material & authentic expression.


Size: Height - 36cm; Width - 24cm ; Depth – 15cm


FOR SALE - Please contact me for more details.  Thank you.

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