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 Fine Art  Sculptural  Mixed Media  Mosaic Vessel.

Created using loose line design, myriad material & authentic expression. Displaying an abundance of floral joy, forest fungi & butterfly beauty.


Exploring how each colour fragment vibrates and radiates a unique creative energy with other fragments in a floral dance of joy.

This mosaic, healing vessel has been created using a vibrant mix of vintage china, porcelain flowers, ceramic beads, paua shell, freshwater pearls, amethyst & carnelian crystals, shells, recycled glass, ceramic beads & a variety of mixed media.


The rim of the vessel is encrusted with, various vintage china teapot lid/knobs - depicting an enchanted circle of forest fungi - crystals, tiny antique glass beads, porcelain violets, green/gold porcelain leaves, and tiny hand rolled nodules of antique gold metalized braid, suggesting little beads of dew nestled within the flowers & fungi.

The grout has been stained with a muted, mauve natural colour pigment.  This complements and grounds the vibrant colour scheme of the piece.

The inside of the vessel is stained a rich deep lustrous purple, and holds hidden treasures.


For ornamental purpose only.

Thank you for your interest.

Height - 35cm; Width - 25cm; Depth - 20cm


FOR SALE - Please contact me for more details.  Thank you.

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