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Fine Art  Sculptural  Mixed Media Mosaic  Wall Hanging

This mosaic is a deep celebration and appreciation for the sacred spiral of nature.  


Feelings of awe in welcoming the Spring blossoms,

as they emanate a fresh fragrance of faith.

Inviting the desire to trust in abundance.  


May we all be Blessing the Blossoms!

Created using a mix of iridised & opaque stained glass, vintage & recycled china, vintage cup & teapot handles, a varied mix of shells, freshwater pearls, porcelain flowers & leaves, opaque glass & ceramic leaves, crystal points & chips, antique glass beads, metal beads, ceramic beads, an antique gold brooch and metalized braid.

The grout has been coloured with a soft silver, pink metallic pigment,

which adds a high vibrational energy to the whole piece.


The edge is encrusted with a surround of vintage teacup handles, which have been in-filled with various types of crystals, glass & ceramic beads, white marble & minerals.

Created using freestyle mosaic process, exploring loose line design, myriad material and authentic expression. 

Thank you for your interest in my work

66cm x 66cm x 3cm depth


FOR SALE - Please contact me for more details.  Thank you.

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