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"Settle yourself on yourself

and let the flower of your life force bloom"

Wendy Johnson - Gardening at the dragon's gate

Welcome to Wonder...

Wisdom Mosaic by Emma Cavell Art
Innocence Mosaic by Emma Cavell Art

My style is innovative.

Transforming diverse and discarded materials into a new expression of beauty.

Meandering with mosaic movement through glorious garden space.

Sensing spontaneous mosaic process emerging as a fullness of floral flows, loose line design and authentic expression.

Encouraging harmony to transpire through myriad broken materials.

Peace by Piece, blossoming in beauty and promise of

new beginnings.

Come and see Emma... 

If you'd love to learn more

about making beautiful mosaics...


'Peace by Piece'


PlayShops, Courses &

Mosaic Summer Schools

are a fun and safe space

to explore this exciting medium.

'Flow of Love' emerging...jpg
Adrienne making Green Tara_edited.png

Courses / The River Room

'Peace by Piece' Mosaic Courses

The Wednesday Mosaic Group offers

a safe space for you to come and

re-connect with your innate creativity.

The emphasis is on slowing down;

with the possibility of opening

into our authentic flow,

making mosaics

'Peace by Piece'

1 Day Mosaic

 Offering a gentle space to come and unwind while exploring creative potentiality through this accessible medium


No experience needed


all tools and materials supplied

Emma Cavell Mosaic Play Shop

A one day mixed media mosaic class offering a space to come and unwind, relax and re-connect with our innate creative gifts through the process of making mosaics.

Beautiful mixed media materials to inspire your mosaic 'peace by piece'

We will practice basic cutting techniques using mosaic nippers and cutters.

The invitation is to give ourselves some time to slow down and gently explore our creative potentiality through 'moment by moment mosaics'

You are most welcome to bring any of your own gathered treasures, or broken crocks you may like to use in your mosaic.

No experience needed, just a willingness to explore in curiosity together.

One to one support throughout the day within a supportive, small group.
(Approx 8 students)


Times - 10.30am - 3.30pm / Cost - £80



Come and play with possibility!


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